Shine in Beautiful Purple Dresses for School Formals

sexy beaded school formal dresses

Prom is fast approaching and are you busy with your prom preparation. With so many styles and colors available in the dress market, it’s never easy to pick out the perfect one. However, I’d like to talk about flirty short purple prom dresses, which are perfect for junior prom and homecoming!

Many girls are on a budget when it comes to shopping for school dances, especially since a lot of teenagers attend more than one dance each year. With junior prom and homecoming being special occasions, young girls will want new party dresses. Pinkyprom.uk has a bunch of afforable purple prom dresses that are under 100, so you can look great with blowing the bank.

Light Purple Homecoming Dresses

Purple comes in a large number of shades. It can be as deep as eggplant or as subtle as lilac. Light purple prom dresses have a certain softness about them that allows a young woman to show off her feminine side at any special occasion event. Below are some of my favorite light purple dresses that can be worn to any less formal evening event.

Short Purple Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is a little bit less formal than the prom or a wedding. Although a young woman can wear a long dress or a mid length dress, many young ladies opt for a dress of a shorter length. There are many fashionable short purple dresses that can have a teenage girl looking her best for that special evening.


Purple is a fabulous color for a formal and semi-formal occasion and it comes in many different shades. Whether you are into dark or light hue, you will always look regal in elegant in purple. Want to make your fashion statement on prom night or homecoming dance, think about a cute short purple prom dress, and it will do the trick.


Capture True Elegance in Purple Formal Dresses

purple backless evening dress

Purple evening dresses are always among the most popular choices of formal wear. Purple dresses are loved by most fashion women as purple shades show elegance and novelty. Purple colored dresses are fabulous for prom. As prom 2015 is approaching, have you ever considered picking a purple evening gown to stun at the party?

Capture the essence of elegance and dress in a stunning purple gown for prom, cocktail or any other special occasion. From black tie events to private soirees and prom, an elegant purple evening dress will make you look outstanding. A classic strapless design with a modest sweetheart neckline shows off your bare shoulders beautifully. The gathered empire waist is adorned with eye-catching glittering embellishments that help create an elegant silhouette.

There are different shades for purple, from lilac to regency. Find a hue that flatters your skin tone and a style to show your best assets. Purple formal dresses are fabulous choices for any parties, and feel like princess in a stunning purple prom evening gown this season.



Fashion Style Tips to Make You Look Fabulous for Special Occasions!

Entrer des mots clefs

Women deserve stunning look for special occasions. A gorgeous occasion gown is a great way to exude elegance and glamour. There are a million of dresses online, where stunning dresses are available in various styles and designs.

The dress we see and love is always the one that looks like crap once putting it on, and the one that looks “meh” on the hanger fits so well, is so right for my body, a movie star walking down the red carpet couldn't compare. If you’re short, wear a long dress. If you’re tall, wear a shorter dress. If you have loose skin on your arms, choose a dress with an asymmetrical neckline or one with a strap going over only one shoulder, or sleeves. A-line dresses disguise big hips and butts. Empire waists hide thick waists and big bellies, and make small breasts seem bigger. Mermaid cuts minimize hips and tummies and shows off your breasts, no matter the size. And if your shoulders are wider than your hips, a classic princess cut dress will draw attention away from shoulders and make your hips look larger.

Remember, no matter what the experts have labeled as “in” or “out”, the most important thing is to pick a dress that is you, the one you like the best, regardless if it breaks any fashion rules. Nothing else is more important than that. And remember, if there’s a will, you can find a way. For instance, if you want a metallic dress, but have pale skin, go get a spray tan a couple of days before prom.

Finally, keep your make-up subtle. Don’t even think about matching your eye shadow to the color of your gown Keep your shadow and lipstick colors neutral and understated. Don’t draw attention away from that perfect dress!  


Think about these style tips when searching for your special occasion dress. Carry your cofindence and rock at the party! Have fun!