Shop Stunning 2015 UK Prom Dresses under 100


Prom is the most important high school event and it costs a lot of money to create a fabulous prom look for the big occasion. However, to achieve a stunning party look, it does not mean that you have to break the bank. You could buy the most expensive high fashion designer prom dress that costs quite a few for this one trip OR you could be smart and save budget by purchasing UK affordable prom dresses under 100.


Did you like red carpet fashion at the Emmy's or in the pages of Glamour? Fulfill your dream with affordable price at Pinkyprom. Pinkyprom.uk specializes in evening dresses and prom gowns under 100.

Pinkyprom.uk is primarily concerned with Prom and Occasion Dresses. There is no surprise as her design ethos seems to embody the "Hollywood Classic" look...somehow paradoxically both trendy and classic...whether your on the silver screen or crown for queen of the dance...Pinkyprom is a great choice. Be sure to compare closely and select the dress that best fits your party style. You will probably appreciate the function afforded by a shorter prom dress if you like dancing. Keep in mind that if you select the right dress you will be able to wear it to other special events. If you want to add an extra dose of elegance, go with a long length prom gown under 100.


Most of the affordable occasion dresses are of timeless designs and can be worn to other formal events, if suitable alternation taken, such as Graduations and weddings for bridesmaid dresses or cocktail parties. Shop trendy 2015 UK prom dresses online with low price and save your money for shining accessories for prom 2015.




Beautiful Prom Dress & Homecoming Dress Solutions

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Girls love parties, for high school teenagers, prom and homecoming are two big exciting events. To most girls, homecoming dance is probably the most exciting event second only to Prom. Either for prom or for homecoming, a beautiful dress is the key to a wonderful experience.

Here comes the most important question: what to wear to junior prom & homecoming? If your school requires that you need to wear formal dresses. Since long formal dresses are well accepted by many girls, you needn't to worry if it is proper to wear. The advantage of long prom dresses is that they can make girls look more mature and elegant. However, shorter length prom dresses can also be ideal options for prom, and later great dress for homecoming.  

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When it comes to the dress colour, remember to find one that flatters your skin tone. Without any doubt, white and black are two classical colors for prom and homecoming, for their formal appearance. Pastel hues look great for prom and homecoming. Pink and blue dresses are popular among girls. Moreover, choose your prom/homecoming attire in solid color rather than printed ones for the former is more formal. If you really desire to look unique, choose dresses with exquisite and delicate decorations on the dress, which would help you get more attention.

When picking the dress for prom or homecoming, it is necessary to figure out what is the theme of your event, as the theme of prom or homecoming always changes. Choose the right party attire for the special day is the most important thing you should take into consideration. There are varieties of stylish prom dresses and pretty homecoming dresses online, you will sure to find the perfect party attire at affordable price. 


Prom Perfection – Useful Tips on Planning Your Senior Prom

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Senior prom is absolutely the most important event in high school. It is one the most memorable nights in a girl's life, as she has the chance to dress in the most beautiful gown, look and feel her best on the special night. For girls, a stunning dress for prom is must! There are so many things to consider to have a perfect prom look. Prom dress shopping can be difficult but with some useful tips, you can minimize the troubles and avoid obstacles.

The first tip or rule of thumb when shopping for a formal dress is to start your search early.  Look at magazines, red carpets and celebrities for ideas of styles that you like. Consider looking at celebrities who have a similar body shape to your own. This will give you a better idea of what styles will best suit your shape. Another way to pick out the right style and fit is to try on different styles of prom dresses in bridal shops to see which ones best flatter your shape. Take pictures when you're trying on dresses so that you can reflect on them later and share it with friends for their opinion.

Plan on buying your prom dress at least one month before prom date because you may need to allow time for alterations, finding matching shoes, and accessories. However, you don't want to make alterations too early because you never know when something may change.

Set a budget for your prom dress. While you are researching you should set your budget. Start saving as early as possible and factor in accessories such as shoes, jewelry and make-up. If you don't have a budget in mind take note of the prices of the dresses that you like. This will help you create a realistic budget.

Practice Makes Perfect: Carefully try on your dress, shoes, accessories, hairstyle and makeup(if possible) to ensure that you like the finished look and feel comfortable in it. You don't want to wait till the day of prom to realize that you don't like your accessories. Make sure that you keep your receipts in case you need to return or exchange any accessories. Practice walking around the house in the shoes to make sure that you can walk in them and that they aren't extremely uncomfortable. This will allow you break them and allow you to walk with confidence on your big day.

Finding the dress is only half the battle. To ensure that your special night is perfect make sure to plan ahead with everything that goes into making this night a memorable one. This including prom make-up, hairstyle, shoes, clutch, and other shining accessories.

Remember to wear confidence when walking in the ball room with your prom evening gown on your big night. It’s a memorable night all about looking and feeling your best. May you have fun and enjoy a wonderful night for 2015 prom!