6 Useful Tips on How to Reduce Prom Costs

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Prom preparation involves your time, efforts and the most important, lots of money. The average prom cost is said to be $500. Some parents are happy to splash out, while others can’t afford to do so. If you have tight budget on prom, following tips may help you reduce the prom costs.


The best way to cut down on prom costs is to set a budget. This means that spending won't get out of hand, whereas if you pay for everything, you could find yourself spending a fortune. Dress, hair, makeup, transport etc. soon add up. Setting a budget is also a good way for your teen to learn to prioritize spending. For example, if they want a limo, then they'll have to economize on the dress.


Shop around online and you can find some gorgeous dresses at very low prices. Many parents order from China, although you'll need to order well in advance to allow for slow delivery times. Or if you are good at sewing, you could make the dress yourself.


Get together with other parents and organize transport. Even a limo can work out reasonably priced if shared between a group. Other alternatives are to borrow a car if you know someone with a luxury or vintage vehicle, or to simply call a cab. You can even drive your daughter to the prom yourself - a limo really isn't a necessity.


The dress is going to be the most important item in the outfit - it's the piece that everyone will notice. So if you're going to splash out on anything, the dress is probably the best choice. Look in your closet to see if you already have shoes and jewelry that will go with the prom dress.


Some parents are hiring makeup artists and hairdressers to get their daughters ready for her prom. But you will save a lot of money by helping your daughter to do her own hair and makeup, or getting her friends to do it. There are plenty of tutorials that will show you how to style hair for a special occasion - just be sure to practice the style in advance.


It may be tempting to pay for a formal portrait of your daughter to remember her prom by, but it's really not necessary. Digital cameras are now so good that anyone can take perfectly adequate photos. You can probably find a much nicer location than a studio to take photos, such as your own garden or a public park.


Prom is the greatest event of teen’s life and mark the end of school. Being economic does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. Try shopping for affordable prom dresses online, which would help save a lot of budget. Keep these tips on mind when you are busy preparing the coming up occasion and avoid spending far too much.


Strapless Dress Tops the Popular Prom Styles

Strapless Dress Tops the Popular Prom Styles

With prom season fast approaching, it’s time to shop the prom dresses. Young girls deserve to look and feel best on this special occasion. To achieve this, a gorgeous prom outfit is absolutely needed. Among all the popular prom styles, the strapless prom dresses top the list.

Strapless prom dresses are stunning and can be bought in long and short versions. It can be a lot of fun to put together the perfect outfit for the prom or any other special occasion. Strapless dresses can be bought in any price range and if you are on a strict budget you can still have a fabulous-looking gown for prom. Part of the fun can be seeing how inexpensively you can put together an amazing looking outfit for your prom night.  

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